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How I prepare for your wedding day!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Your wedding day isn't just a day where I show up, take a bunch of pictures, and then peace out! It's an entire process that requires preparation and planning on my part, too!

Here are the things I do to prepare for your day and ensure an outstanding, amazing experience for you, your wedding party, family and guests - and of course, incredible photos!

  • The weeks prior to your big day, I'm checking over every piece of my equipment and making sure all batteries are charged, equipment is ready and working, cards are clear and ready. I also have backup equipment!

  • I read back over every message/email/conversation we've had to double check on the schedule for your day, your vision, any specific shots you have requested, and any details you may have shared with me or any info that we discussed at any point in time leading up to your day!

  • I make extra sure I get plenty of rest, eat right, take my vitamins, drink my water, and stay healthy! The night before your wedding in particular, I make sure I'm home and getting plenty of sleep!

  • I think through some poses and prompts that will work well for you, based on what I've learned from working with you at your engagement session, and what I know about you, your venue, the weather, and other factors. I'm prepared and ready to go, but am also prepared to work on the fly!

  • I map out my driving route if I'm not familiar, and include extra time in case I were to have any sort of vehicle emergencies (this has never happened, knock on wood!), or if I need to stop for gas or snacks (always important!), etc.

  • I plan my outfit for the day based on the weather and venue (including additional layers or accessories if there will be significant temperature changes). I like to be comfortable yet professional (comfy shoes are a must), and try to blend into the crowd. Always prepared, I even carry an extra outfit in case something happens to what I'm wearing! LOL!

  • I pack a light lunch, snacks and water for myself, as I'll be running around most of the day and the only break I will take is prior to your ceremony to rest my feet and have a snack, and then again at dinner time. (Trust me, no one wants their picture taken while they are eating dinner at your reception!) My family always jokes that I run on batteries. I'm like the Energizer Bunny! :)

  • I try to arrive a little early to bring my equipment in as well as take time to get a feel for the venue if I haven't been there before.

  • I spend my drive getting super hyped for your day - which mostly consists of me jamming out to dance music at top volume! HA! Once I arrive, I also like to take a few moments to just breathe and have a moment of calm before we get started. I'm already so hyped to be there and work with you - and even though I have shot hundreds of weddings and am totally confident in my abilities for your day - I still get a tiny bit nervous, I am human! I know you've hired me for a reason and trust me to capture the most sacred moments of your big day.

  • Last of all, I simply try to breathe and have a good time while creating amazing photos - and encourage you to do the same!!! I'm not afraid to crack jokes and have a blast! (note: I always read the situation before doing so and make sure the timing is appropriate)!

  • Once I've (sadly) left your amazing day and arrive home, I back up all your photos into at LEAST 2 other places (hard drive and/or desktop).

  • The next day or as soon as humanly possible, I begin the editing process. I start by culling through the session/wedding, then edit photos by oldest to newest using a mix of Photoshop and Lightroom.

  • It usually takes me 2-4 weeks to finish everything up so I can deliver the final product to you. In the meantime I usually try to post a few favorite sneak peeks on my Facebook page so you and your family and friends don't have to wait forever to see at least a few shots of your day!

  • That's about it! If you have questions about any of this process, never hesitate to ask!!!

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