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Updated: Jan 20

This is a list of random cool products I have purchased and really LOOOOOVE. Also, no one is paying me to post this stuff. I just want to share some stuff I have found that I am definitely glad I discovered.

BEST workout Leggings EVER! SO SOFT!!!!!!!

These are the softest, most comfy leggings I have found. And I am super picky about leggings. I have a big booty so it can be hard to find leggings that fit well. I think I own them in 6 different patterns and colors. I wear them to work out in (lifting weights, circuits, spinning, kickboxing, etc.) or just hanging out. I'm tall and the length is just right, too. Plus they have side pockets for your phone and earbuds!!! Seriously sooooo soft. Love these!!!

Indoor Bike Stand to ride your bike indoors!

When you live in Nebraska and it's cold as you know what in the winter, you can't really ride your bike. I really love riding my bike when the weather is nice. So, I found this stand you can set your outdoor bike on, and ride it indoors in the winter. You can set the resistance with a control on the stand. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! I go for a ride while I watch a movie or my fave shows. SCORE!

Amazing Hair Straightening Dryer for crazy curly hair

You guys. This thing is a game changer if you have curly hair and want to straighten it. I cannot say enough about this little gem. I have frizzy, ratty naturally curly hair. Before I fount this, if I wanted to straighten it, I would spend an hour with a flat iron trying to get it to lay down. So, I hated straightening my hair and have basically been fighting my crazy curly mane my entire life. I came across this in a Facebook group. And let me tell you, this thing is magic. Just wash your hair, dry it with this dryer and it straightens your hair while you are drying it. Voila. By far my favorite getting ready find!!!!!!!!

LOVE this tank top cami so much!!!

Okay, SERIOUSLY. I think I would wear one of these every day in a different color if I could get away with it. I ordered one to check it out...and fell in love. I love layering them under cardigans or jackets, or even alone in the HOT Nebraska summer. I think I own like 6 different colors/patterns (oops). This is a sort of bad habit of mine...once I find something I like I will order it in a bunch of different colors LOL!!!!!! Anyway - it's flowy, lightweight, stretchy, fits exactly right and that eyelash lace trim adds that extra little flair! I think I need to order another new color..........

Best Disposable Face Masks

Not life altering, but for a good deal that's semi-fashionable, we're liking these gray surgical face masks. They do come in other colors as well! But if you prefer to wear and toss, these are working well. My husband is a teacher so he is wearing one every day and talking through them every day with no issues.

Best Workout Tank Top ever!

I bought my first one at Target when C9 was still a brand there. They no longer carry that brand but you can still find it on Amazon! I fell in love with this tank because it is lightweight, and the neckline is cut high. I just personally cannot stand tank tops that are low cut to work out in. I don't need to show off the girls at the gym! That's just me. But I do love these tanks, they come in a variety of colors and are easy to move in and lightweight to keep you cool during any workout.

Winter beanie hat with furry ears

Hey, the fun hats are not just for kids anymore. This hat is so adorable, comes in a number of different colors, and I get TONS of compliments on it!!! Also, the 'ears' snap off so you can wash the hat separately. Just keep an eye on them....one time my cat stole them while I was washing the hat. HA!

Cute and comfortable flats for work or fun

I wear these for work or fun and they are comfy and come in a bunch of different colors! And, they are especially perfect for shooting weddings!!! I own them in four different colors currently...don't judge. :)

Camo Sneakers

Cute, comfy, fashionable. Need I say more. I live in these things.

Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

Everyone needs one of these babies! This mostly gets used in the summer for golfing and boating, but it would fit in your purse and also comes in a bunch of different colors!!!

Shower Caddy

I use this at the gym when I workout before work. It's mesh, so when throw my wet stuff in there it doesn't get everything else wet! Plus, it holds a TON of stuff and I can hang it up in the shower room or hang it up in my locker. Would be perfect for college too!

Easy Padlock

I use this at the gym on my locker to get in and out quick. Easy to use, sturdy, quick, and I don't have to remember a series of numbers. Ha!

Would work easily for any padlock needs. The letters are raised and spin easily. Plus it comes in several different color options!

Kitty Condominium

Who else has elderly kitties or small pets? Our dear kitty is 16 and was having trouble finding the litter box, so we knew we had to do something to help him out. We found what we lovingly refer to as his kitty condo, which allows him to still move around but keeps him contained to use the litter box within his space. It has been a life saver for everyone involved :) It was easy to assemble and kitty really likes it!! Plus it has wheels so you can wheel it around the house if you want to move the kitty around with you LOL!

Who else hates to cook? That would me. And the hubs. We both hate to cook. Not a great combination, LOL.

So we decided to try out this meal delivery service called Freshly because he got offered a teacher discount! You've seen their commercials..."WE NEVER HAVE TO COOK AGAIN!!!" They crack me up!!! And - it's pretty good! We don't get the meals every week, just once in a while to help save some time (and arguing over what to cook and who is cooking...) now and then. It's super easy to use too, just login and pick your meals or skip a week if you don't want the meals that week (or in coming weeks). Pick and choose and you can get anywhere from 4 to 12 meals per delivery.

Guess what, we got a DISCOUNT CODE for YOU!!! Use this code to save $40 on your first order...and we get $40 for us, too! Check it out!! https://bit.ly/3onfuhp

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